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Infographics are the new viral trend. Speedlancer's top designers will custom design an infographic to your liking! You provide the data (or have one of our VAs do the research first in a separate task) and order this task for the design!

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Customer reviews

6 Reviews



Thank you


Very quick response time and willingness to revise until I had an adequate product. Thank you.


The final work product was a great powerful info graphic that highlighted the key messages from the research that I had conducted by speed lancer. I would encourage anyone who chooses to use speed lancer to make sure that you know what you want your content to say and that you really inspect each and every detail. Think about as working with a colleague next to you or one department over vs. a throw it over the wall to an agency. There model reduces the cost for single item however, you lose out on the expertise of having an agency oversee the work. I finally logged on and in real time provided individual feedback in marked up PDF's in order to get it completed within the window. The chat system online primarily works on a full size web browser so, if you think you are going to be able to monitor the work over a mobile you are mistaken. While the work product ended up being what I needed, I really feel that the service from speed lancer has a long way to go before it is truly usable for multiple complex projects. The bundling system is kind of pointless as your speed lancer doesn't get all of the content from the previous task unless you resubmit it. My speed lancer themselves Andrea was diligent and focused, however, I would not use the service again unless I was in a real jam and knew exactly what I wanted.


Great design and very fast turnaround
Premium result!


Awesome job, quick to respond and easy to work with. Thanks a lot!
Premium result!


Great work! Amazing attention to detail.
Premium result!